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We care for our customers . This is the reason they always come back to visit. 

Nestled amidst the pristine surroundings of the Arabian Sea. The Rajmudra Beach Resort offers you exceptional services and gives you a reason to celebrate Dandi-Malvan culture at its fullest. Our resort greets all customers with the feeling of warmth and provides visitors an option to get away from the bustling city life. 

About Malvan

The Malvani culture tells us to multiply and share  joyhappiness, sorrow and pain. A number of people  from various ethnicities and  religions reside in Malvan. All of these people have unified  together as one, rather than separating  from  each other. It is sign of diversified society that is also traditional. So the city of  Malvan is cosmopolitan.There are three basic religions to be found in Malvan. They are Hindu, Muslim, and Christianity. Although the majority of the    population is Hindu, 30 percent of the  population is Muslim and Christian. 

Most of the people in Malvan depend  on trade or fishing. The language spoken here is slightly different from the official  state language “Marathi,” Malvan is  traditionally known for its unique  Marathi/Konkani dialect called  ‘Malvani’.

The areas beaches, including Dandi – Malvan Beach, Vengurla Beach, Tarkarli beach,  Chivla beach, Tondavali beach, attract a number of tourists. The most famous sightseeing spot in Malvan is the Sindhudurg fort. Malvan town is bound by three small creeks Karli, Kolamb and Kalavali.

The climate of Malvan can generally be classified as warm and moderately  humid. The average temperature ranges from 16 to 33°Cwhile the relative  humidity ranges from 69 to 98 per cent. Malvan’s recieve an average annual rainfall of 2275 mm.

Basic Amenities at Rajmudra Beach Resort


In addition, the Rajmudra Beach Resort offers doctor on call facility, luggage storage, free laundry service and newspapers in the local language and English. We strive to cater to our customers in the best possible way. Our friendly and highly professional trained staff are happy to assist with your travel plans and can also provide you recommendations.

Food Service at Rajmudra Beach Resort

Malvani cuisine is the amalgamation of the traditional cuisines of the Maharashtra and Goa, South Konkan regions. Although Malvani cuisine is primarily non-vegetarian, plenty of vegetarian dishes are available. While it is an independent cuisine, 
Maharashtrian cuisine and Goan cuisine overlap. Malvani  Cuisine liberally uses coconut in various forms such as rubbed ,dry-grated ,fried,coconut paste and coconut milk. It uses many spices such as coriander seeds ,peppercorns ,cumin,cardomom,ginger and garlic,dried chillies in its cooking. Some dishes use kokum, dried kokum(amsul), tamarind and raw mango. A type of dried powder masala ,the Malvani masala is a combination of 15 to 16 dry spices. This masala is loosely ground and stored in jars for use when appropriate. Not all the cuisine is hot and spicy though the food style of Konkanastha Brahmins is an example of less spicy food. 
At the Rajmudra Beach Resort, we serve breakfast and can prepare food for our visitors on demand.


You can get a great experience to your taste buds with Malvani Cuisine at our restaurant.The speciality of Rajmudra Resort is the ‘The Malvani Thadka’. Another special recipe at the resort is the exotic konkani style Pomfret fry. White pomfret marinated in the spices and fried is a treat to fish lovers. Malvani thadka accompanied by Solkhadi is like the cherry on the cake. Solkhadi is the konkan special soothing cool drink made by kokum or amsool and coconut milk which helps in digestion of the food and has various nutritional benefits. You can savor on the Konkani starter-Kombdi Vade made with the mixture of nachani ,fried onion ,solkhadi and chicken at Rajmudra Beach Resort.

Luxurious Rooms at Rajmudra Beach Resort

Rajmudra Beach Resort is built as a conventional Malvani structure. It consists of two comfortable luxurious AC/Non AC rooms with good facilities and service . This resort offers exquisite and extensive open space to just play around. Hammocks tied to the trees and extensive greenery and cool shades of the trees, provide a must have experience of staying on the beachside in Malvan, along the Konkan region of Maharashtra. 

You can feel nature’s touch over here. Beautiful varnished and wooden structure gives a royal look to the rooms at Rajmudra Beach Resort. At Rajmudra Beach Resort, we uphold the famous phrase ‘ Cleanliness is next to Godliness’. All our rooms, public spaces and bathrooms are cleaned everyday. 

Visit once and you will definitely return to this wonderful and warm experience again.

Telescopic Viewing at Rajmudra Beach Resort

Rajmudra Beach Resort, Malvan in the district Sindhudurg has very good climate and clear skies eight months of the year. Come see the marvels of the universe like the rings of Saturn, Jupiter and Gigantic holes of our moon among the different pearls in the night sky. You can likewise observe the sun and watch sun oriented flares and sun spots with the assistance of secure sun powered channels with our telescope at Rajmudra Beach Resort. The skies are clear and there is very little light pollution in the area, making our hotel a perfect location to enjoy stargazing.